Waste Aluminum Baler Press(NKY81-1600)

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Wuxi ,China
Brand Name: NKBALER
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: NKY81-1600
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 10-30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200-300 SETS PER YEAR

Waste Aluminum Baler Press (NKY81-1600) is a large-scale equipment specially used to compress waste aluminum materials. It is designed to compress waste aluminum products such as aluminum chips, aluminum flakes, and aluminum cans into blocks to reduce the volume and facilitate storage and transportation. This equipment is usually used in the renewable resource recycling industry to help improve the recycling efficiency and reuse value of aluminum materials.

NKY81-1600B Metal hydraulic baler Major Technique Number
1 Main pressure cylinder Type NKY81-1600B Quantity 1
    Intended push force 1600KN return trip size 800
2 Side pressure cylinder Type   Quantity 1
    Intended push force 1320KN return trip size 1250
  Bale density ≥2000 kg/㎡
5 hydraulic system work force 26MPa
6 Pressure Indoor Size 1600*1200*800mm
7 Metal Mass Size (300-500)*400*400mm

single to circulate time

(not contain feeding time)

about 120 s
9 Motor Type Y160L-4 Power 22KW
    regulations turn speed 970rpm Quantity 1
10 Hydraulic pump Type 63YCY14-1B the maximum pressure 31.5MPa
    Intended row capacity 63ml/m Quantity 1
  Machine Size 4400*3200*2450mm(L*W*H)
  Door and edge of box have cut-knives
11 Machine Weight about 11.8 T

Key features of Waste Aluminum Baler Press (NKY81-1600) include:
1. Efficient compression: Using an advanced hydraulic system, it can quickly and stably compress loose scrap aluminum materials into blocks of specified size and shape.
2. Stable structure: The machine body is usually made of high-strength steel to ensure stability and durability during long-term use.
3. Simple operation: Equipped with an automated control system and one-click operation process, it reduces the technical requirements for operators and improves work efficiency.
4. Safety protection: Equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as emergency stop buttons, safety locks, etc., to ensure the safety of operators.
5. Environmental protection and energy saving: Through compression processing, the storage space requirement of waste is reduced, the transportation cost is reduced, and it is beneficial to environmental protection.

Waste Aluminum Baler Press(NKY81-1600) 0
To sum up, Waste Aluminum Baler Press (NKY81-1600) is an important environmental protection equipment in the recycling industry. It not only improves the recycling rate of scrap aluminum, but also helps save resources and reduce costs.

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