Scrap Metal Baler

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Wuxi ,China
Brand Name: NKBALER
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: NKY81-1250
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 10-30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200-300 SETS PER YEAR

Scrap Metal Baler is a machine used to compress scrap metal, iron filings, aluminum cans and other metal fragments into blocks for storage and transportation. These machines are commonly used in recycling centers, waste processing facilities, and metal processing industries to reduce the volume of scrap and facilitate its reuse.

No Item Unit Parameter Note
1 Intended push force Main cylinder KN 1250  
    Side cylinder KN 950  
2 Max working force MPa 25  
3 Chamber size length mm 1200  
    width mm 700  
    high mm 600  
4 cylinder journey main cylinder mm 500  
    Side cylinder mm 950  
5 bale size length mm 250~350  
    width mm 250  
    high mm 250  
6 Bale density   Kg/m³ ≥1800  
7 single cycle time S ~120  
8 Pump voltage MPa 31.5  
    Runoff Ml/r 63  
    Model 63YCY14-1B Quantity 1
9 Motor power KW 15  
10 Machine size length mm 3780  
    width mm 2200  
    high mm 1900  
This model is export model, it is Integer and use quickly valve ,it needn’t installation.

The working principle of the metal baler is to use a hydraulic system to apply high pressure to the metal scrap to compress it into regular-shaped bales. The operation usually involves placing the scrap metal into the compression chamber of the baler and then activating the hydraulic system for compression. Once the preset pressure or bale size is reached, the compression cycle ends, the pressure head retreats, and the compressed metal block can be removed or automatically pushed out. Some equipment is also equipped with a cooling system to prevent the machine from overheating and ensure continuity of operation.
Metal balers come in different models and sizes, ranging from small, manually operated machines to equipment found on large automated production lines. They are usually designed with safety measures such as safety valves and emergency stop buttons to protect the safety of operators. In addition, these machines are often equipped with devices to collect metal dust and debris generated during the compression process, further promoting environmental protection and resource recovery.

Scrap Metal Baler 0
The use of metal balers can not only improve the efficiency of waste processing, but also provide convenience to the metal recycling industry, contributing to resource conservation and environmental protection. Through compression and packaging, metal scraps that were originally loose and occupying space become more compact, which facilitates the subsequent smelting and regeneration process.

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