NKY81-2500A Aluminum Cans Baler

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Wuxi ,China
Brand Name: NKBALER
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: NKY81-2500A
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 10-30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200-300 SETS PER YEAR

NKY81-2500A Aluminum Cans Baler is a device for compressing aluminum cans, designed to reduce waste volume and increase recycling efficiency. Such machines are typically used in waste treatment facilities, recycling centers or beverage production plants.

NKY81-2000A Metal hydraulic baler major technique Number
1 Main pressure cylinder Type YG320/200-900 Quantity 1
    Intended push force 2000KN return trip size 900
2 Side pressure cylinder Type YG200/120-1400 Quantity 2
    Intended push force 800KN*2 return trip size M
3 Door cover cylinder Type YG160/105-1235 Quantity 1
    Intended push force 500KN return trip size 1235mm
4 Out-bag cylinder Type YG125/80-400 Quantity 1
    Intended push force 60KN return trip size 400mm
5 hydraulic system work force 25MPa
6 Pressure Indoor Size 1600*1200*800mm
7 Metal Mass Size 400*400mm

single to circulate time

(not contain feeding time)

about 120 s
9 Motor Type Y160L-4 Power 15KW
    regulations turn speed 970rpm Quantity 2
10 hydraulic pump Type 63YCY14-1B the maximum pressure 31.5MPa
    Intended row capacity 63ml/m Quantity 2
11  Main machine size 4300*2200*2300MM
12  Oil-box size 1800*1450*2200MM
13 Machine Weight about 15.8T

The following is a description of the NKY81-2500A Aluminum Cans Baler can briquetting machine:

The NKY81-2500A aluminum can briquetting machine is an efficient and sturdy industrial equipment specially designed to handle large quantities of aluminum beverage cans. The machine uses a powerful hydraulic system to compress aluminum cans into compact cubes, significantly reducing their size for easier transportation and recycling.

Features include:

1. Automated operation: The machine is usually equipped with an automatic feeding system, which can continuously process aluminum cans and improve work efficiency.
2. High compression ratio: NKY81-2500A can compress aluminum cans to a small part of their original volume, saving space and reducing transportation costs.
3. Safety: Equipment is usually equipped with safety devices, such as emergency stop buttons and safety fences, to protect operators.
4. Durability: Sturdy construction, able to withstand long-term, high-intensity use.
5. Easy to maintain: The design takes into account the convenience of daily maintenance to ensure the long-term reliability of the machine.
6. Environmental protection: By compressing recycled materials, it reduces dependence on landfills and promotes resource recycling.

NKY81-2500A Aluminum Cans Baler 0

The NKY81-2500A Aluminum Cans Baler can briquetting machine is an important tool for the waste management industry. It not only improves recycling efficiency, but also contributes to environmental protection.

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