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Waste paper packing machine power size

January 5, 2024

The power of waste paper packaging machine is one of the important factors that affect the performance of the equipment. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the development of waste paper recycling and utilization, the demand for waste paper packagers has also increased. In order to meet market demand, many companies have begun to develop more efficient and more energy -saving waste paper contractors. One of the important directions is to increase the power of the equipment.
It is understood that the power size of the common waste paper packing machine on the market is between 30 watts and 75 kW. Some new waste paper packagers use more advanced technology and materials, and their power can reach more than 100 kW. These high -power waste paper packagers can not only complete the compression of waste paper more quickly, but also handle larger volume and thicker waste paper materials, which improves the work efficiency and processing capacity of the equipment.
However, high -power waste paper packagers also face some challenges. For example, how to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment need to be fully considered and solved. In addition, high -power equipment also requires higher energy consumption and maintenance costs, which also requires enterprises to fully weigh and optimize in the process of research and development and application.

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