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Vertical waste paper baler is in urgent need of innovation

September 3, 2021

Although my country's waste paper baler industry has developed rapidly in the past two years, and foreign exchange earnings from exports have increased significantly, it is undeniable that there are still many shortcomings in vertical waste paper balers. If these problems are not improved in a short period of time, they will inevitably affect The development of the baler industry and the position of the vertical waste paper baler in the baler industry.
The concentration of my country's baler industry is insufficient, production capacity is scattered, and economies of scale cannot be formed.
At present, the production capacity of the vertical waste paper baler is developing rapidly, but the industry's technological progress is relatively slow, and the R&D and innovation capabilities are low. The service life and reliability of the vertical waste paper baler have gradually been unable to meet the needs of technological development. Therefore, technological innovation is urgently needed.
The vertical waste paper balers are currently still in the capacity expansion, which makes China’s balers lack a certain brand effect. Therefore, in terms of technological innovation of the vertical waste paper balers, we must increase efforts to serve the Chinese baler industry. make a contribution.

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The emergency stop button of the NICKBALER vertical waste paper baler is installed separately, and the location is eye-catching, which makes the operation of the machine safer.