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The reason why the vertical waste paper baler has no pressure

November 14, 2022

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In the long-term working process of the vertical waste paper baler, sometimes there will be no pressure, which will cause the baler to fail to work normally, which is very delayed. Below, we will troubleshoot the problems one by one according to the reasons why the vertical waste paper baler has no pressure. You are welcome to come and pay attention.
1.Check whether the following preparations are done. For example, the motor neutral is opposite the live wire, causing the motor to be upside down. This can be seen by looking at the steering of the motor. If the connections are reversed, just adjust the neutral and live wires to see. If the tank level is too low, the hydraulic pump cannot absorb enough hydraulic oil and there is no pressure. We can clearly see the problem by looking at the oil level gauge. When we encounter this problem, we can solve it by adding enough hydraulic oil. The pressure regulating valve did not increase the pressure. These problems are that we do not understand the vertical waste paper baler before using it.
2.The hydraulic valve block is blocked or faulty, so that the hydraulic valve cannot work normally. At this point, we need to check the hydraulic valve blocks, then disassemble and clean them.If there is still no pressure, it is likely that the hydraulic valve block is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new hydraulic valve block.
3.If the hydraulic system has serious oil leakage, it is necessary to check whether the hydraulic pipeline and hydraulic cylinder of the vertical waste paper baler leak oil, which can be solved by replacing the pipeline sealing ring and the oil cylinder sealing ring.
4.when the power is insufficient, check whether the voltage is stable, whether the voltage is too low, which will cause the system pressure to be too low, and also check whether the motor is aging, which can be solved by installing a voltage stabilizer or replacing the motor.
5.The pressure gauge fails, and the displayed pressure is not the actual system pressure. You can check and replace the new pressure gauge by adjusting the system pressure.

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The above is the reason why the vertical waste paper baler has no pressure. We will always encounter various faults during the use process. You can pay attention to our website for more repair and maintenance skills.