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The reason high-performance hydraulic straw baler reclaim belt, does not automatically cut with tips and solutions

January 10, 2017

High-performance hydraulic straw baler in the course there will be some small problems do not send belt or reclaim belt, will inevitably affect the efficiency, as long as we have some short-answer straw hydraulic balers repair method, in the course will be very introduce some common troubleshooting method effort, below.
A straw hydraulic balers reclaim belt
??1. foreign body within the upper and lower extension. Extension of a foreign body within the upper and lower fixed guide strip or countersunk screw loose, packing tape stuck. Remove the extension remove foreign bodies.
??2. crossbar 635 bearing rupture. Crossbar equilibrium position adjusted properly, resulting lightly crossbar cause rupture. Instructions should be adjusted properly in place.
??3. retreat with improper clearance. Due to tighten the belt back with a roller having a role in the adjustment of advance and retreat with a roller gap, should be back with a wheel-based, adjusted to retire with a roller gap more than the tape thickness of 0.05 to 0.1mm.
Second, the straw is not automatically cut with hydraulic baler
??1. The knife bearing fracture. Check reason, replace the bearing.
??2. knife wear. Knife edge on both sides, one side wear the other side can be swapped or replaced using a new knife.
??3. knife tube pin fracture. The punch out of the break with a small pin, into a new tube pin.
??The photoelectric switch is damaged.
??5. crossbar equilibrium position is not adjusted.
??6. slip sheet or belt tied tight oil. Remove the slip sheet to remove oil, dried and then sequentially assembled.
??7. The belt is too loose. Transmission mountings go down or backwards in the motor, the belt tension can be.
??8. straw baler adjusted too tightly tied tight power. On the adjustment nut has a hexagon socket set screws, loosen the adjustment nut will rotate counterclockwise, after a good tune, and then Hexagon set screws tighten.