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The necessity of choosing a horizontal baler in India

May 7, 2022

The Advantages of horizontal baler


Horizontal baler, waste paper baler, hydraulic baler
As everyone's concept of environmental protection has become heavier, the term waste paper baler has become less and less familiar to everyone, but many people have not mastered the waste paper baler too much. Today, let everyone master the characteristics of the waste paper baler at work.
The waste paper baler has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a machine and equipment for packaging waste paper, but also as a production equipment for packaging and tamping similar products. Its greater characteristics depend on the fact that the actual operation is very simple, even if you have not received technical professional training, you can quickly get started. All models are driven by hydraulic presses, and manual or PLC automatic control system can be selected for actual operation. Its distinctive automatic strapping equipment is fast, and its compression chamber specifications and bale specifications can also be customized according to their own requirements. The installation is also very convenient, without subgrade. It further improves productivity, reduces labor input, saves human resources, and reduces transportation costs. Horizontal structure, everyone can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding or manual feeding. In addition, the equipment failure rate is also very low in the whole process of actual operation, even if problems are encountered, they can be handled easily.
The reason why the waste paper automatic baler should choose the horizontal type:


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In fact, everyone is not unfamiliar with waste paper balers. Compared with vertical waste paper balers, everyone knows better is the horizontal baler. Its output is large, the efficiency is high, the labor input is small, and the Baler effect is good. Therefore, the horizontal baler has become a popular machine and equipment in the sales market in terms of its manufacturing level and total output. In the whole process of packaging waste paper, cotton wool, chemical fiber, wool velvet, etc., it has given full play to the key functions. Along with the development trend of the time, various fields have more and more requirements for packaging, and there are also a large number of regulations on the volume of packaging. Therefore, the horizontal waste paper baler is promoted by the sales market and has a broad development trend opportunity.
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