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The impact of garbage classification on domestic garbage baler

June 4, 2021

Domestic waste was recently implemented in Shanghai, my country in 2019. For the lives of Chinese people, waste powder has only advantages and no disadvantages. The implementation of waste classification can reduce land occupation, reduce pollution, and turn waste into treasure.
Garbage classification is divided into recyclables, hazardous garbage, wet garbage, and dry garbage.
(1) Recyclables refer to waste paper, waste plastics, waste glass products, waste metals, waste fabrics and other domestic wastes that are suitable for recycling and recycling;
(2) Hazardous garbage refers to domestic wastes that cause direct or potential harm to human health or the natural environment, such as waste batteries, waste lamps, waste medicines, waste paint and their containers;
(3) Wet garbage, that is, perishable garbage, refers to perishable biomass domestic wastes such as food waste, leftovers, expired food, melon skins and seeds, flowers and green plants, and Chinese medicine residues;
(4) Dry garbage, that is, other garbage, refers to other household wastes other than recyclables, hazardous garbage, and wet garbage.
Garbage classification can remove garbage that is not easily degradable and contains toxic substances, effectively reducing the area of ??garbage and reducing the harm caused by pollution.

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Thedomestic garbage baler  developed by NICKBALER fits the characteristics of garbage classification in our country. It can reduce the floor space and air pollution after all kinds of garbage are compressed and packaged. The garbage that is awakened and compressed by the garbage baler can also be used for a second time. Utilization can turn waste into treasure and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

NICKBALER waste sorting and Baling Press machine is safe and reliable, easy to operate, and can improve work efficiency.