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The advantages of pet shavings fixed-weight bagging machine

June 16, 2021

Wood shavings are thin slices that are planed when wood is planed, usually in rolls. The shavings have a wide range of functions. After being crushed, they can not only make high-pressure wood boards, but also be used as pet bedding and pet bedding. Wood shavings are economical and practical, not only can save wood, but also can be used as pet bedding, it can be described as killing two birds with one stone.
I believe that everyone who raises hamsters at home knows that pet shavings bedding is a special product for pets to keep warm during the winter. Sawdust bedding is also the most economical. Sawdust bedding is more suitable for summer use. It can absorb and absorb odors. It is disposable and easy to discard. .
The fixed-weight bagging machine, as the name implies, is that the weight of the packaged package is the same. There are currently six models of the fixed-weight bagging machine to choose from. The machine model is different, the packaging size, and the packaging weight are naturally different.
Generally, pet shavings can be packaged with a weight of 1kg or 5kg, and you can choose NKB1 or NKB5 for compression Baling Press; for large stables or horse farms, it is recommended to choose a weight of 20kg or 25kg per package, and you can choose our NKB20 fixed-weight bagging machine and NKB25 Heavy bagging machine.

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The wood shavings packed and compressed by the NICKBALER fixed-weight bagging machine have the advantages of convenient transportation, saving freight, and adding benefits to the enterprise.