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Thailand horizontal waste paper baler

November 3, 2021

When the horizontal waste paper baler is working, we will find that when the working hours are long, the machine will always leak oil. When this happens, many people will appear very panicked and don’t know what to do. To process.
How to deal with the oil leakage of the waste paper baler:
1. When the pressure of the oil pump of the waste paper baler is adjusted too high, the wear of the parts will increase the sealing gap, which will damage the sealing device, and the viscosity of the oil used in the waste paper baler will be too low, which will cause waste. The paper baler is leaking oil.
2. Poor heat dissipation, insufficient heat dissipation area of the fuel tank, too little oil storage in the fuel tank, resulting in too fast oil circulation, poor cooling of the waste paper Baler cooler, such as failure of cooling water supply or failure of electric fans, high ambient temperature, etc. All are the reasons for poor heat dissipation.
3. The system does not have an unloading circuit or the unloading circuit does not work well. When the waste paper baler system does not use pressure oil, the oil is still overflowing to the tank under the working pressure set by the overflow valve or the unloading pressure is relatively high. The high environment downstream returns to the fuel tank.

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