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Safety Instructions for Greek Metal Hydraulic Balers

September 22, 2022

The metal baler has a wide range of applications, and the packaged bales are easy to store and transport. So what should be paid attention to when operating?
1. Strictly implement the national operating procedures for hydraulic machinery.
2. It is strictly forbidden to operate the machine under the condition of drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
3. The workplace must be clean and tidy with adequate lighting.
4. It is strictly forbidden to approach the body parts such as hands during the operation of the platen up and down.
5. Be sure to pay attention: Do not change the pressure set at the factory, otherwise the frame and door panel may be deformed, the oil pipe burst which may cause danger.
6. Do not carry out maintenance, welding, etc. under the working state of the machine. If necessary, stop the machine to relieve pressure, take fire prevention measures, and ask professionals to carry out maintenance.
7. After the package is pressed, the door has a certain elasticity due to the pressure. When opening the door handle, people should stand on the side and knock on the handle with an iron pipe to avoid bullet injuries.
8. Pay attention to careful operation when working to prevent hand clamping and bumping.
Develop good work habits and benefit the company. NICKBALER hereby reminds you that you must strictly follow the operating instructions and pay attention to your own safety during operation.NICKBALER Line 86-29-86031588.latest company news about Safety Instructions for Greek Metal Hydraulic Balers  0