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Reasons for insufficient pressure of Myanmar scrap shears

November 9, 2021

The scrap steel shearing machine directly acts on the scrap steel when it is working. Due to the long-term working condition, there are often some problems that affect the production progress. Today we will share: the reasons for the insufficient shearing pressure of the scrap steel shearing machine and Solution.
1. Whether the operating pressure of the hydraulic system is normal, if it is low, adjust the pressure to the rated operating pressure;
2. The oil filter is blocked, the flow path is too small, the oil viscosity is too high, and the oil cannot be sucked in;
3. The power of scrap metal motor is insufficient and the speed is too low;
4. If there is a certain pressure and it can be adjusted by the safety valve, but the pump oil output rate decreases significantly with the increase of pressure, and the pressure does not reach the required value, it may be due to the increase of the gap after the pump is worn.

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