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Purchase of Cambodian Gantry Shearing Machine

November 11, 2021

The gantry shearing machine adopts integrated hydraulic and electric control, which can implement single and continuous action conversion, simple and convenient to use, and can be stopped and operated in any working position, and it is easy to complete overload maintenance.
There are several points to understand when choosing a gantry shear.
1. First understand the scope of application of the gantry shearing machine in advance, generally it can be used for cold shearing of various scrap metals, and clarify your own demand parameters, including the specific size, material, and tonnage of the output to avoid large materials Increase the cost, or the machine output is not enough, delaying production.
2. Determine the specifications and parameters of the purchased machine according to your own needs and parameters. At the same time, you must also consider the need to expand the scale of the company in the future. There is a certain margin to determine the parameters of the machine. For special materials or waste materials with high hardness, you need to choose imported blades. , Reduce the trouble of replacement.
3. Confirm which manufacturers produce the machine to be purchased. This is often overlooked, because no matter which manufacturer is contacted, the manufacturer will basically inform the professional production of this model of product. In fact, the model produced by different manufacturers is often different. Manufacturers often provide various models of products through the transfer of goods.

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