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Precautions for cotton baler

June 24, 2021

Cotton baler is also called cotton hydraulic baler. It has the characteristics of novel structure, high technical content, good rigidity and stability, high degree of automation, beautiful appearance, and energy saving. This machine is a top-up type, so the cotton is pollution-free. The oil circuit is simple, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and it is safe and reliable. The main pressure cylinder adopts double pumps for oil supply, large flow rate and fast package formation. It is a new product that integrates mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration to reach the international advanced level.
The cotton baler is a mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic integrated equipment. Its normal operation requires a relatively complex and huge control system. The application of many new technologies makes the baler possess a higher level of technology and mechatronics. This puts forward higher requirements for the users of the baler.
1. Keep in mind the safety first rule and strictly abide by the operating procedures.
Before operating the equipment, you should make yourself a qualified operator by reading the operating instructions or through training. Any unreasonable operation will cause safety accidents, resulting in equipment damage and personal injury. When the machine is running, do not try to perform any cleaning, refueling, debugging and maintenance work.
2. The operator of the baler should have professional knowledge.
This requires that the operator should be familiar with the basic principles of the baler through their own hard work or professional training, the basic conditions required for each baler’s action, the sequence of control procedures, reasonable operations and simple troubleshooting. Otherwise, they will It will reduce the efficiency and reliability of the baler, and its advanced performance will not be fully utilized.
3. Pay full attention to the maintenance work of the baler.
The maintenance of the baler includes daily maintenance and off-season maintenance. Daily maintenance includes lubrication and maintenance of various parts and fastening of various joints. The off-season maintenance of the baler is very important to prevent expensive downtime maintenance. Especially hydraulic components and seals, when they are not used for a long time, they will rust and corrode and be damaged. This requires us to do regular inspections and maintenance, paying special attention to the cleanliness of fuel tanks, pipes and hydraulic oil. Of course, this is also related to the initial installation of the equipment. All these should arouse our sufficient attention so that the baler can better serve us and improve the efficiency and level of cotton processing.

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