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Plastic bottle Baling Press machine

August 9, 2022

Plastic Bottle Baler, Mineral Water Bottle Baler, Automatic Baler
Plastic bottle balers are divided into two series, automatic and semi-automatic, which are controlled by PLC microcomputer. They are mainly used for compression molding of waste cartons, plastic bottles, mineral water bottles and other wastes in large-scale renewable resource recycling stations and paper mills. The plastic packaged by the machine has the advantages of uniform and tidy shape, large specific gravity, high density, and reduced volume, which reduces the space occupied by plastic bottles, and reduces storage costs and transportation costs.
So what are the characteristics of the plastic bottle baler?

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1. Operation: The operation of the plastic bottle baler is based on humanized design ideas, and the operation is very simple. It can be operated manually or automatically, reflecting the remarkable feature of integration.
2. Power: In terms of power resources, the baler can work not only through the more traditional use of diesel engines, but also with electricity, and it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
3. Safety: Because of the hydraulic technology, after long-term production and customer feedback experiments and operations, the operation of the machine has become very stable, and there is no need to worry too much about its safety.
4. Environmental protection: the equipment has no noise and dust in the production process, and is environmentally friendly and hygienic, which meets the requirements of the current situation and solves the concerns of customers.
NKBALER will continue to work hard to make products more simple and flexible, and continue to develop in the direction of high-end and intelligent automation.