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Operating efficiency of Thai aluminum can baler

August 30, 2021

How to improve the performance of the horizontal aluminum can Baler in the future?
Manufacturers of horizontal aluminum can balers must not only improve product quality, but also lead the industry in technology, better cater to market demand, improve the overall technical level of domestic balers, and achieve energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and economy.
Ways to improve the performance of horizontal aluminum can balers:
1. Reduce the internal pressure damage of the component system of the hydraulic aluminum can Baler, reduce the power loss, and mainly improve the pressure loss of the internal flow channel. It is necessary to use high-quality hydraulic components and integrated circuits and the casting of the flow channel. In order to reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline, it can also reduce the oil leakage.
2. Adopt new fast pressurization technology to realize rapid pressurization and improve the working efficiency of oil pressure system.
3. Improve the footprint of the aluminum can Baler to achieve the smallest possible footprint and the largest possible compression force.
4. For customers, it is necessary to maintain the hydraulic system of the hydraulic aluminum can balers in time, especially to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, to prevent the impact of dirt on the life and reliability of the hydraulic system, and to deal with and adjust in time to avoid Cause losses.

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