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Metal chip briquetting machine has attracted much attention

October 14, 2021

Without any additives, all kinds of particles, powdered cast iron, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum, etc. can be restricted to high-density briquettes for easy transportation and furnace casting. The direct furnace training not only ensures that the original raw materials remain unchanged, but also the recovery loss of the furnace does not exceed 10%. The molding also ensures that the original raw materials remain unchanged. Regarding the casting of special raw materials, it means more to retract. With the increase of production capacity and the expansion of market demand, it can also be applied to the briquetting of semiconductor materials and non-metal materials.
The metal shavings briquetting machine can directly cold press powdered cast iron shavings, steel shavings, copper shavings, aluminum shavings, high-quality mineral powder, etc. into cakes for storage, transportation, and recycling. After being restricted into blocks, the loss is extremely low when it is put into the furnace and recovered. The whole production process does not require heating, adding additives or other processes, and is directly cold-pressed to form, and the forming also ensures that the original raw materials are unchanged. For example, cast iron scraps can be used instead of cast pig iron after forming. With regard to castings of special raw materials, it means more to take back.
1. The hydraulic metal chip briquetting machine is mainly used for various metal chips (iron chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, etc.), powder and granular metal powder (iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, lead powder, etc.), exercise additives, Sponge iron, etc. are restricted to high-density cylindrical cakes (weight 2-8 kg) without adding any binder, and the cake density can reach more than 5T/M3 (the original data is different, the density of the pressed cake is not the weight (Not the same), the limited cakes can be directly put into the furnace, and the cast iron trademark can reach HT200-250, and the cost can be saved about 700 yuan per ton of castings.
2. The use of advanced hydraulic transmission skills, the use of high-quality wear-resistant oil seals, the oil cylinder is processed and assembled by the latest domestic high-tech technology, and then to ensure that the continuous work does not reduce the pressure of the oil cylinder, it is durable and runs smoothly; computer control, high automation, and failure rate Low, simple protection, etc.

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