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Metal baler failure and maintenance

January 24, 2024

Recently, with the rapid development of the metal recycling industry, metal balers are important compression equipment, and their stable operation is crucial to improving recycling efficiency and reducing transportation costs. However, in actual use, various failures may occur in the metal baler, affecting the production progress. To this end, a professional machinery and equipment company has released a set of video tutorials on common failures and repairs of metal balers, aiming to help operators quickly diagnose problems and perform effective repairs.

The video introduces in detail the structure, working principle and causes of common failures of metal balers, such as hydraulic system leakage, insufficient pressure, electrical failures, etc. Through practical examples, the video shows how to perform daily inspections, troubleshooting and maintenance, including replacing damaged seals, cleaning filters, adjusting system pressure and other steps. In addition, the importance of safe operation is emphasized and operators are taught the safety procedures that must be followed when performing maintenance.

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The release of this set of video tutorials not only provides valuable learning resources for metal baler operators and maintenance personnel, but also reduces potential losses caused by equipment failure for related companies. Its practicality and ease of understanding have been widely praised by the industry, and it is considered an important tool to improve the maintenance level of metal balers.