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Laos scrap steel shearing machine noise reduction method

October 29, 2021

The hydraulic valve of the scrap steel shearing machine is an important component of the scrap steel shearing machine, which is mainly used to control the liquid pressure and flow direction in the hydraulic system.
Hydraulic valves sometimes make noise during work. In order to reduce the noise of hydraulic valves, it is necessary to investigate the noise source, measure and analyze the sound pressure level of the hydraulic valve system, and conduct frequency analysis to grasp the size of the noise source And frequency characteristics, and adopt corresponding noise reduction methods.
1. The use of low-noise motors and flexible couplings reduces the vibration and noise of this link.
2. The mounting surface of the electric motor, hydraulic valve pump, and hydraulic valve valve should be equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads.
3. Replace the pipeline with hydraulic valve assembly as much as possible to reduce vibration.
4. It is also possible to effectively reduce noise by covering the hydraulic valve pump with a sound-proof cover with sound-absorbing material.

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