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Knowledge of Swedish scrap shears

December 6, 2021

Nowadays, hydraulic scrap shears are commonly used in many large-scale material processing and metal material scrap recycling. The following NICKBALER will give you an explanation of the knowledge of hydraulic scrap shears and their use effects.

1. Energy conversion device

The hydraulic scrap shear is to make the hydraulic pressure pump and the hydraulic motor work through the conversion of energy. These two different devices operate in the opposite direction, and they will generate pressure and output the speed. This type of device is usually Volumetric.

The hydraulic motor converts pressure into machinery in the system actuator. This is what we often call the conversion of pressure energy and mechanical energy in physics.

2. Interaction between check valve and relief valve

The hydraulic scrap shearing machine uses a simple one-way valve to make the oil flow above or below the cylinder. Under the action of high temperature, the cylinder is automatically operated.

The liquid machine uses liquid to transfer perseverance, and the overflow valve is to avoid excessive system pressure to achieve timely unloading function.

The hydraulic scrap shearing machine is suitable for cold shearing processing of various scrap metal profiles and structural parts in small and medium-sized metal recycling stations, and the processing of furnace charge in foundries.

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