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Kenya hydraulic baler selection

June 7, 2022

Hydraulic baler selection
Hydraulic baler, horizontal baler, paper baler
This product has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and is a low investment cost of basic engineering equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper factories, recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for the packaging and recycling of waste paper and plastic straw. It is a good equipment for improving labor efficiency, reducing labor intensity, saving manpower, and reducing transportation costs. For some scattered items, such as: waste paper, textiles and other waste materials, waste paper baler is essential. It not only has high learning efficiency, but also saves a lot of warehouse development space.
Faced with this kind of irregular products, we should choose an open Baler, which has no working size and restrictions on these waste paper packaging bodies, and can be greatly improved to adapt to various industrial solid packaging in the society. So, how to choose a good Baler?
First, we need to look at the structural design. A good waste paper baler adopts advanced mechanical design and hydraulic design, at least 8mm A3 steel plate is used, not because of pressure and cracking, and whether there will be no welding and other problems in the later stage of the design, it is durable, and strict processing technology is also a good idea. The machine is crucial.
A good baler uses a plunger pump. In contrast, the traditional gear pump used on the market has greatly reduced noise. At the same time, the large bearing gear pump can withstand a load pressure of 31.5 mpa, which avoids the work of the motor. The pressure generated in the process, and the hydraulic cylinders are strictly treated to ensure that each cylinder is acidic and oxidized to prevent normal use during work.
It is more important to choose a good waste paper baler manufacturer. The relationship between the development of enterprise product information quality and after-sales service In the future, a company can provide customers with a good manufacturer with personalized customized services, tailored to the actual needs of different customers Customized, truly save resources and energy for customers, improve the efficiency of students' work and study, and reduce logistics costs.
NKBALER is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic packaging. It has professional after-sales service and perfect after-sales service. Choose us to save your time.