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India Servo Hydraulic Baler Efficiency

November 23, 2022

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In the process of using the servo hydraulic press, in addition to paying attention to the operating specifications and punctual repair and maintenance, we also need to find a way to improve the working efficiency of the servo hydraulic press. How to improve it? We briefly introduce a few points:
1. The operator of the servo hydraulic press should understand the principle of the hydraulic system, understand the effect of the main hydraulic components of the equipment, and grasp the operating sequence of the system. Before starting the equipment, you should check whether all motion mechanisms and solenoid valves have entered the initial state, and check the oil level of the fuel tank. If any abnormality or lack of fuel is found, the hydraulic pump motor should be prohibited from starting, and repair personnel should be sought for repairs. The operator should always check the working status of the hydraulic system, observe the working pressure and speed, and check the size of the workpiece and the wear status of the props to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the hydraulic system.
2. During the summer operation, when the oil temperature in the fuel tank is higher than 60 ℃, pay attention to the investigation of the working condition of the hydraulic system, and tell the repair personnel to deal with it. The operator cannot damage the interlocking equipment of the electrical system, push the electric control valve by hand, and cannot damage or arbitrarily move the position of each operating gear.
3. Hydraulic machine equipment that has been shut down for more than 4 hours should start the hydraulic pump motor for 5-10 minutes before operating with pressure. When there is a problem with the hydraulic system, the operator cannot tamper without permission, and should immediately report to the repair department. Hydraulic equipment should be cleaned frequently to prevent dust, cutting fluid, cutting, cotton yarn and other debris from entering the fuel tank.
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