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Hydraulic Plastic Bottle Compression Baler Characteristics

October 20, 2023

Hydraulic Plastic Bottle Compression Baler characteristics is suitable for compression balers for plastic bottles, cans, plastic films, waste paper, sponges, chemical fibers, and waste materials. It is equipped with conveyor belt feeding. It is suitable for processing about 3-5 tons per hour. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine, with a small footprint, fast packing speed, simple operation, stable performance, and low failure rate.
1.In addition to compressing plastic bottles, the equipment can also compress other materials such as paper, cardboard, etc.
2.The equipment is simple to operate, with automatic compression process once the plastic bottles are loaded.
3.The equipment is made of high-quality materials, ensuring a long service life.
4.According to customer needs, different specifications and models of equipment can be customized.
5.All operation and monitoring function are controlled through a programmable logic controller (PLC)
6.Closed-end door structure design makes the bale to be compressed more tightly

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