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How to choose the rubber tire baler model normally

January 12, 2022

As an indispensable part of the packaging equipment, rubber tire balers have many types and different models. The information of these models can reflect the main categories and main technical parameters of their own balers. Generally speaking, a common type of rubber tire baler is mainly composed of two parts: the main model and the auxiliary model. Through these two signals, the information of most products can generally be reflected, for example, the series of rubber tire baler and equipment A lot of information such as varieties, equipment specifications, etc.
1. Through the main model of the rubber tire baler, you can understand the main classification of the baler, its structural characteristics, and the manufacturer's project code.
For the baler without any classification, the classification of the equipment can be determined by its own nature, its structure code and other project codes, and the price of the rubber tire baler can be determined by our manufacturer according to the specifications of the product. In many cases, the same rubber tire baler equipment has different names for different manufacturers.
2. The second auxiliary model is mainly to remind us of the main parameters of the equipment, the information of the derivation order and the design order, etc.
In general, the main parameters of the rubber tire baler are represented by numbers, and their limit values are generally taken; if more than two parameters need to be marked at the same time, they need to be separated by diagonal lines. The main parameters commonly used in machine products mainly include pressure, size, and production capacity. The derivation order is generally distinguished by Roman characters, while the design order will be displayed in English letters. Generally, the first product does not have a serial code.

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