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How long is the size of the Kenya beverage bottle Baler equipment

May 12, 2022

Kenya beverage bottle Baler
Kenya beverage bottle Baler, bottle Press Baler
When you choose a beverage bottle Baler machine, you will definitely wonder why the equipment is so long and how to install it on the car. In fact, your worry is unnecessary, because no matter how long the equipment is, it is no problem to install it. Logistics There is such a long car inside, you can take a good look at this device, whether it is from the appearance or the internal structure, it is very good, and the amount of packaging is also sufficient, and what you can see is the color of the appearance of the device The combination of dark blue and yellow will make your eyes shine, and one more thing, you can definitely find that its main rail seat is mainly composed of two wear-resistant steel rails on the surface. When I saw the master installing the machine, you will find that the hydraulic cylinder is inside the machine, and the pusher is also fastened on it, the motor is on the left side of the machine, and the fuel tank is pressed not far from the motor. Then there is the position of the electric control box at the lower right corner of the machine. These are the conclusions drawn after careful design. Then you can look at the fuel tank of the waste paper baler if the fuel leak is serious. Will cause leaks to be added. After the cause is identified, the manufacturer of the automatic waste paper baler adopts corresponding measures to eliminate it.


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