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Garment Baler can reduce transportation costs

June 9, 2021

Many people have questions, can the garment Baling Press machine only pack garments? The answer is no. The garment Baling Press machine can not only pack compressed garments, but also pack shoes, quilts and other items that we often use in our daily lives.
There are four seasons in the year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The clothes we wear in each season are different. When we take a break, the quilt we cover is also different. The temperature difference between spring and autumn is not big, so we can use spring and autumn quilt; if it is too hot in summer, we usually choose summer. Cool quilt; if the winter is colder, choose a warm quilt, such as cotton quilt, down quilt, wool quilt and so on. For so long, the quilt will always be broken or slowly forgotten. Most people donate the quilt that they don’t need but is intact to remote and poor areas. What can be done to save time, manpower and material resources? Under the circumstances, can the packaging and transportation be completed quickly without occupying the transportation volume?
At this time, a garment strapping machine is needed to pack and compress. The garment strapping machine has the characteristics of high Baling Press density, beautiful package shape, simple installation and easy operation. After the garment strapping machine is packed and compressed, it can also reduce labor intensity. Save manpower and material resources, occupy a small area, reduce transportation costs and other advantages.

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The emergency stop button of the NICKBALER Garment Baler is installed separately, and the location is eye-catching, which can maximize the safety of the operator.