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Features of Kenya straw baler

February 14, 2023

Advantages Of Straw Baler
Straw Baler, Hay Baler, Silage Baler
With the rapid development of the straw baler machinery manufacturing industry, the intelligent level of machinery and equipment is getting higher and higher, and the same is true in the field of straw balers, and the level of automation technology is developing rapidly. The straw baler is gradually recognized by many customers, so what are the advantages of the straw baler?
1. High work efficiency
The straw baler fully automatic baling, threading and tying completes all the automation technologies, and the work efficiency is further improved. The working efficiency of straw balers equipped with automatic equipment is nearly doubled;
2. Save staff expenses
The straw baler only needs to use the feeding material. If it is an industrial production air-suction type straw baling machine, it also eliminates the personnel feeding process and saves the personnel expenses of human control;
3. The package is firm and beautiful
The type of bales tied by humans is generally non-standard, and it is easy to open and pull. Straw balers are tied, and the knots are firm. And the block shape is also very beautiful, the block shape is unified, and the appearance design is beautiful and generous.

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