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Common problems of Swedish scrap shears

November 30, 2021

The scrap steel shearing machine uses the pressure of a hydraulic cylinder to achieve the effect of scrap metal shearing.
The reasons for the insufficient shearing force of the scrap steel shearing machine are: equipment failure and incorrect selection, and more equipment failures are related to the hydraulic system.
Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to see whether the technical parameters of the scrap steel shearing machine can meet the requirements, and the corresponding maintenance and maintenance work should be paid attention to during the use process.
The reasons and solutions for insufficient shearing force of scrap steel shearing machine are as follows:
1. Check whether the shearing force of the scrap steel shearing machine matches the shape and size of the raw materials. If the equipment is not selected correctly, the shearing force will be insufficient. You can replace the large-tonnage equipment or process the raw materials before cutting. cut;
2. Check whether the hydraulic pump of the scrap shearing machine can output oil. If there is no oil output, it may be that the steering of the hydraulic pump is incorrect, or the parts are severely worn, causing the hydraulic pump to fail to output hydraulic oil of rated pressure, which will cause shearing force. Insufficiency can be solved by adjusting the rotation direction of the hydraulic pump or repairing the hydraulic pump;
3. The electromagnetic reversing valve of the scrap shearing machine is blocked or damaged, causing the reversing valve to fail to open normally, causing the hydraulic oil to fail to enter the hydraulic cylinder, and causing insufficient equipment pressure. The electromagnetic reversing valve can be removed and cleaned. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new reversing valve to solve it.

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