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China's hydraulic baler industry is developing rapidly

July 16, 2021

Looking at the development history of the packaging machinery industry in the world, our country started relatively late, so how can we be a rising star?
China's national economy has surpassed the development of foreign countries for more than one hundred years after the founding of the country. The domestic packaging machinery has created such a miracle, and the development in just a few decades has also made great progress.
In the past, our country relied on imports for many things, and I always felt that everything was imported. However, since the reform and opening up, our country's packaging machinery industry has achieved rapid development.
my country's hydraulic balers have begun to produce and sell themselves, and they have won back the face of Chinese machinery in the world. Regarding quality as life, excellent product quality has made many customers start buying domestic products.
Domestic products opened up in the country for a while, but as this rising star, they are not satisfied with these small achievements. Although our products have changed in volume, we are only limited to the domestic market.
After China joined the WTO, many Chinese companies have begun to enter the international market. Our country’s packaging machinery industry has also begun to compete in foreign markets. The competition in foreign markets is not only for quality, but also for product design and product services. Become a kind of competition.
The competition of machinery is also a competition of comprehensive national strength, and our country also attaches great importance to these.
Our country's entire packaging machinery has increased the investment in technology and accelerated the frequency of product updates. Now my country's hydraulic baler has successfully entered the international market and won many praises.
NICKBALER hydraulic baler has also been successfully produced to the United States, India, Australia, Sri Lanka and other countries, and has many loyal and old customers. It has also laid a solid foundation for the manufacturer of NICKBALER hydraulic baler in the international market.

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