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Cambodian plastic baler

September 13, 2021

Waste paper balers are extremely common in waste paper baler stations and large recycling sites, but the same type of product "plastic baler" is not so common. Plastic balers are like waste paper balers, which can pack and compress a large number of loose items. , So as to achieve the purpose of reducing transportation costs and reducing storage costs.
The NICKBALER semi-automatic plastic baler is well lubricated, refuels or changes the oil on time, keeps the oil, no dry friction, the oil pressure is normal, the oil mark is bright, the oil path is unobstructed, and the oil quality meets the requirements.
Semi-automatic plastic baler is divided into two types, door series and doorless series. The door series has a good appearance, good Baler effect, high density, and is suitable for Baler and compression of a variety of materials; the door series has high Baler efficiency, simple machine structure, and cost. Low, suitable for packaging of light and thin materials such as waste paper.

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NICKBALER plastic baler has low noise and stable performance, which can improve work efficiency and reduce transportation costs.