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British semi-automatic waste paper baler

August 27, 2021

A lot of waste materials are generated every day in production and life, and the recycling of waste materials is of great significance, of which waste paper is the most generated.
But don’t underestimate the waste paper. If you recycle it, you can turn waste into treasure, which will bring us great benefits.
Due to the large volume of waste paper, it needs to be processed to reduce the proportion of space. The semi-automatic waste paper baler is a good processing machine. Some time ago, a customer asked me about the reason for the trip of the semi-automatic waste paper baler, in order to enrich everyone’s comments. Its use knowledge, let's take a look together next.
In normal work, it is normal for the current to be large and sometimes small, but the fluctuation range is not large. When the electrical overload is working, the load is too large, causing the current to exceed the rated value, and then it is tripping.
This kind of problem can actually be prevented, as long as the workload of the machine is kept within the allowable range, it is not easy to happen.
Check if the current is too large, causing the trip, the air switch has been used for a long time, and the quality problem will also appear this situation. It can work when the current is small. Once the current is slightly larger, it will trip. Just change the air switch. , Or you can find an experienced electrician to check it.

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