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Application of scrap metal baling machine for Kenyan

October 8, 2022

1. During the production process of the scrap metal baler, check the quality of the product at any time, and adjust it at any time if there is any problem.
2. If there is a problem with the equipment or the product quality is unqualified during the production process, the scrap metal baler should be closed immediately to solve the problem. It is strictly forbidden to deal with problems while the machine is running to prevent accidents.
3. The scrap metal baler operator must maintain the hygiene of the machine and equipment.
4. The operator must ensure that his fingers are clean when operating the touch screen of the scrap metal baler machine. Do not tap or tap the touch screen with fingertips, fingernails or other hard objects, otherwise the touch screen may be damaged due to improper operation.
5. To debug the machine or adjust the quality of bag making, it can only be debugged with a manual switch. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to perform the above debugging to avoid safety accidents.
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