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Applicable scope of garment Baler machine

October 26, 2021

According to the gradual expansion of domestic science and technology development, we use a variety of clothing balers. Next, let us and Nick Machinery understand the use of semi-automatic clothing balers in our lives.
Lubrication of garment Baler machine:
The maintenance and lubrication of the machine can be carried out regularly. First of all, pay attention to keep the machine dry. Do not let it rain or put water on it.
2. One month for the cleaning, maintenance and lubrication of the upper slide plate, the middle knife and the front top knife mentioned in the previous section;
3. Every three months, except for the above two maintenances, add some lubricating oil to all (shaft, center) and bearings;
4. Do not add too much every time you add oil to avoid malfunction of the micro switch due to oil immersion.

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