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Advantages of Bhutan Longmen Shearing Machine

December 8, 2021

The hydraulic system is an indispensable part of the gantry shearing machine, so do you know the advantages of the gantry shearing machine hydraulic system?

1) The hydraulic control uses oil as the working medium, so the heat generated due to power loss can be carried from the place where it occurs to other places, so that under a certain power condition, the size of the components can be greatly reduced;

2) From the influence of load, the hydraulic system has mechanical rigidity. Used in a closed-loop system, the positioning rigidity is relatively large and the position error is relatively small;

3) Compared with the mechanical mechanism, the hydraulic actuator has a higher response speed, can start, brake and reverse at a high speed, and its torque-inertia ratio is also larger, so its acceleration ability is stronger;

4) The hydraulic transmission is easy to realize stepless speed regulation and has the advantages of self-lubrication.

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