Used Textile Baler,Used clothes Balers

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Wuxi ,China
Brand Name: NKBALER
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: NK Series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets
Price: USD 2800-280000
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 10-30 days
Payment Terms: TT/LC
Supply Ability: 200-300 SETS PER YEAR

Used textile baler is a machine that is specifically designed to compress and compact used textiles, clothing, and other materials into compact bales. The process involves feeding the material into the baler, where it is then compressed using mechanical pressure. This not only reduces the volume of the material but also makes it easier to transport, store, and recycle.

Used textile balers are commonly used in industries such as textile recycling, waste management, and agriculture. They can be used to recycle old clothing, rags, and other fabrics, as well as to compact animal bedding, straw, and other organic materials.

When using a used textile baler, it is important to ensure that the machine is in good working condition and has been properly maintained. It is also important to use the correct settings on the baler to achieve the desired level of compaction without damaging the material.

Overall, a used textile baler can be an efficient and cost-effective solution for managing used textiles and other materials. It can help reduce waste, conserve space, and contribute to a more sustainable future by allowing used textiles to be repurposed and reused.

Model NK60LT
Hydraulic power 60Ton
Packaging size(L*W*H) 1000*700*400-800 mm
Feed opening size(L*H) 1000*460m m
Chamber Size(L*W*H) 1000*700*1250 mm
Bale weight 150-200Kg
Capacity 10-12 bales/H
System Pressure 25Mpa
Packing materials Cross packing
Packing way Front-Back 4 pcs/ Left-Right 2 pcs
Voltage(can be customized) 380V/50HZ
Power 15KW/20HP
Machine size(L*W*H) 1700*1000*3780mm
Weight 2900Kg

Contact Details

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