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Work Efficiency Of Malaysian Shears

September 5, 2023

The transmission form of domestic shears is still mainly gear transmission. For the transmission system of large-scale heavy shears, it is explored to adopt a jaw crusher structure.
One end of the knife frame is hinged and fixed, and the other end is connected with the crank connecting rod mechanism for swinging, which has high work efficiency;
With the advancement of science and technology in our country in recent years, the variety of shears is complicated, and more and more shears have appeared in people's field of vision and are being used;
Among them, the CNC shearing machine has been praised by consumers for its good functions and higher production power.
With the development of high technology, the CNC program of the shearing machine is getting higher and higher.
In the next few years, the products of the shearing machine will be There is more room for development, and its demand will show a trend of gradual increase.
Due to the use of a new electro-hydraulic control system and an enhanced oil cylinder, the working efficiency of this series of shears can reach 6-15 times/min according to the model. The application of this machine solves the problem of crushing and recycling of large-scale heavy waste charge. It is widely used in rolling mills, metallurgical plants, and scrap steel processing and recycling units. It is an effective equipment for metallurgical charge processing and profile cutting;
The designer of the shearing machine originated from Europe. It has a compact structure and an integrated design for easy movement. It can be controlled by a hybrid of an engine and a motor, or can be controlled separately by an engine or a motor. It is a new type of shear that can handle large scrap metal equipment.
The gantry shearing machine has a complete range of models and is available for test machines.

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