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What should be paid attention to when operating the copper scrap Baling Press machine?

September 26, 2022

When the copper chip Baling Press machine operates in the automatic Baling Press technology, the following points should be paid attention to:
1. When the equipment is working, the operator must concentrate, pay attention to whether colleagues are in a safe position, coordinate the operation, and strictly prevent misoperation; check whether the oil level of the fuel tank is in the normal position before starting. If it doesn't show, add oil at the designated location of the level gauge to ensure that 60%-80% of the fuel tank can start the motor and engine.
2. Press the start button of the copper scrap Baling Press machine, run the indicator light, and listen to whether the sound of the oil pump is abnormal. If there is any abnormality, please stop checking immediately.
3. Turn the switch to the manual operation control position, and operate the main cylinder, demoulding cylinder and placing cylinder two or more times without feeding the empty machine. Observe if it is working properly, if the pressure gauge is normal, if the pipes and fittings are leaking.
4. After determining the normal position of each component, convert it to automatic operation, and continuously observe the operation of each component during the operation. The copper chip Baling Press machine's automatic operation and cake pressing technology can be used directly in the furnace. The cast iron grade can reach HT200-250, and the cost per ton of castings can be saved about 700 yuan. In case of stagnation, oil leakage, etc., it should be shut down immediately and checked and maintained by experienced maintenance personnel.
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