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What may be the reason why the hydraulic baler does not pack tightly?

February 2, 2024

The failure of the hydraulic baler to pack tightly may be caused by the following reasons:
1. Hydraulic system failure: The working principle of a hydraulic baler is to generate pressure through the hydraulic system to compress and fix objects. If the hydraulic system fails, such as hydraulic pump damage, hydraulic oil leakage, etc., it will lead to insufficient pressure, thus affecting the packaging effect.
2. Mechanical structure issues: The mechanical structure of the hydraulic baler includes compression chamber, pressure plate and other components. If these parts are severely worn or damaged, the packaging effect will be affected. For example, the pressure plate is deformed or worn, causing the compression space to become larger, making the object unable to be fully compressed.
3. Improper operation: If the operator fails to follow the prescribed operating steps when using the hydraulic baler, the packing may not be tight. For example, failure to perform steps such as compression and fixation in the correct order, or stopping prematurely during the compression process, may result in poor packaging results.
4. Problems with the object itself: If the object that needs to be packed is elastic or irregular in shape, it will also affect the packaging effect. For example, when packing loose cotton, sponge and other items, due to their inherent elasticity, it is difficult to achieve a tight effect even after compression.

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In short, the loose packing of the hydraulic baler may be caused by various factors such as hydraulic system failure, mechanical structure problems, improper operation or problems with the object itself. During use, users should pay attention to checking the status of the equipment, operating it correctly, and handling items that are not suitable for packaging.