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What kind of press does a bottle baling machine use?

December 24, 2021

Now five generations of different styles of products have appeared in the equipment in the machinery industry, all of which are specially packaged for plastic bottles. The longer the time, the replacement of the equipment will continue to change. For example, take the horizontal plastic bottle baler for example. This equipment has been created from nothing at first, and then the change of the Baler during this period has an incredible side. Why didn’t I find it before? After I came into contact with this industry, I realized that this equipment has a different look. , The atmosphere, the layout design is very clever, in addition, the thickness of the steel used in the hydraulic cylinder has been increased by more than three times. Later, can give us a satisfactory answer. In addition, the design of the fuel tank is based on the data measured by the model and size of the equipment. Sometimes it is too large to support the consumption of the equipment. However, the consumption of oil will increase. Therefore, it is better to design according to the equipment model. The right step now.

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