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What kind of hydraulic baler is more in line with your actual needs

July 21, 2022

The selection principles and advantages of the baler
Waste paper baler, waste newspaper baler, corrugated paper baler
For newly joined environmentalists, it is a difficult problem to choose what kind of hydraulic baler is more in line with their actual needs.
As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic balers, the technical experts of Nick Machinery will personally explain the selection principles and advantages of equipment for you, so that more waste recycling stations can use more suitable equipment.
From the appearance of hydraulic baler, there are vertical equipment and horizontal equipment, and there are also automatic equipment with conveyor belts and equipment without conveyor belts.
Customers can choose these two types of equipment from the size of their processing capacity. If you only have one to two tons, you can choose a vertical hydraulic baler with manual feeding. If you need to process dozens of tons or hundreds of tons of waste every day Paper or waste plastic bottles, etc., then you need to choose a more automated horizontal hydraulic baler to work. This not only improves work efficiency, but also packs the bales more convenient to load, and saves manpower and labor intensity.
If it is divided from the work application industry, it can be divided into waste paper hydraulic baler, scrap iron hydraulic baler and straw hydraulic baler, etc., mainly for the processed raw materials, which is also the mainstream method of distinction on the market.
No matter what kind of hydraulic baler equipment you need, you can go to Nick Machinery for one-stop purchase. Not only can there be conventional equipment for market demand, but also customized according to customer needs, to help customers solve more production problems !


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