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What Is The Vibration Treatment Method Of The Hydraulic Press Of The Corn Straw Baler?

September 28, 2023

In the normal use of corn straw balers, the hydraulic transmission system of the equipment is relatively prone to failures. Sometimes the adverse effects caused by some slight vibrations will affect the normal use of the corn stalk balers. How to prevent this What is the situation and what are the reasons for it?
1. When manufacturing or overhauling the corn straw baler, it should be installed and cleaned in strict accordance with the specifications. When installing, ensure zero pollution and no leakage.
2. It is necessary to pay attention to tighten the joints of the pipelines of the equipment, and apply unsalted butter to the gaskets to prevent the gaskets from shifting and being damaged during the tightening process, and strictly prevent leakage at the pipeline joints.
3. When tightening the connecting screws of each part, apply force evenly, and when tightening the screws, use force at the corners to prevent the flange from being biased. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the gasket should be even, and double-layer gaskets are not allowed.

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