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What is the basic operating process of a clothing baler?

February 18, 2024

The basic operation process of the clothing baler is as follows:
1. Preparation: First, make sure the baler is turned off and check whether the equipment is intact. Then, put the clothes to be packed into the feeding port of the baler.
2. Turn on the equipment: Turn on the power switch of the baler and the equipment starts running. At this time, the motor will drive the compression device to compress the clothes.
3. Compress clothes: During the compression process, the clothes will be compressed and excess air will be discharged. This step can effectively reduce the volume of clothing, making it easier to transport and store.
4. Binding and packaging: When the clothes are compressed to a certain extent, the packaging machine will automatically stop compressing. At this point, the operator needs to manually or use an automatic tying device to tie the compressed clothing to maintain its shape.
5. Take out the packed clothes: After completing the binding, the operator can take out the packed clothes from the discharge port. At this point, the packaging process ends.
6. Turn off the equipment: Finally, turn off the power switch of the baler and clean the residue on the equipment to ensure that the equipment can operate normally the next time it is used.

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In short, the basic operation process of a clothing packer includes steps such as preparation, opening the equipment, compressing clothes, tying and packaging, taking out the packed clothes, and closing the equipment. Through these steps, the clothing packer can effectively compress a large amount of clothing into a smaller volume for easy transportation and storage.