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What are the types of waste plastic balers?

October 25, 2022

Types Of Waste Plastic Balers
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1. Manual
The production activities of the manual waste plastic baler need to be completed manually through the entire production process, and the manual waste plastic baler should be paid attention to during the operation.
2. Semi-automatic
Before the waste plastic baler works, you need to manually insert the Baling Machine tape into the waste plastic baler, and then the semi-automatic baler will automatically complete the rest of the packaging work!
3. Remote control
The waste plastic baler does not need to manually insert the belt, just press the switch of the waste plastic baler to let the waste plastic baler complete the packaging operation, which is convenient and fast!
4. Fully automatic
Completely automatic setting, no need to manually insert the tape, just set the program, the waste plastic baler can automatically complete the entire strapping and packaging process, which is faster and more convenient!
At present, the types of waste plastic balers on the market are divided into the above types. Users and friends should choose a waste plastic baler suitable for their own enterprises according to their own needs and economic conditions!

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