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What Are The Methods Of Scrap Steel Baler Crushing

August 30, 2023

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For a long time, the use of steel as a rare metal means that traditional raw materials have made great contributions to promoting the rapid development of my country's economy, and packaging in a broken way can better improve its efficiency. 1. The following points are the crushing methods of scrap steel balers.
1. Impact crushing refers to crushing scrap metal through the kinetic energy impact of impacting objects. There are two methods for this method. One is the kinetic energy generated by the mass of the object itself and the acceleration of gravity when the object is thrown when it falls freely, such as a falling weight. One is the kinetic energy generated by the weight of the wooden body and the high-speed rotation during the high-speed rotation of the dry impact object, such as a scrap steel crusher.
2. Extrusion crushing refers to the crushing of scrap steel by the static pressure generated by extrusion. The generation of static pressure is mainly hydraulic, and the method of crushing is continuous static pressure, which is decomposed step by step. The working capacity of extrusion crushing mainly depends on the pressure generated by the hydraulic press, such as scrap iron crusher.
3. Explosive crushing. Explosive crushing in a specific blast crater.

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