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What are the consequences of excessively high hydraulic oil temperature?

February 2, 2024

Excessive hydraulic oil temperature may cause some of the following consequences:
1. System performance decrease: The viscosity of hydraulic oil decreases and the fluidity increases at high temperatures, which may cause leakage and pressure instability in the hydraulic system, thus affecting the performance and accuracy of the equipment.
2. Oil deterioration: High temperatures will accelerate the oxidation and thermal decomposition of hydraulic oil, causing rapid deterioration of the oil and reducing its service life.
3. Seal damage: Excessive temperature may cause the seals in the hydraulic system to age, harden or even crack, causing leakage problems.
4. Potential safety hazards: Continuous high temperature may cause the hydraulic oil to reach the spontaneous ignition point, posing a fire risk. At the same time, oil vapor may also pose a threat to human health.
5. Mechanical failure: Long-term high-temperature operation may cause hydraulic components, such as pumps, valves, etc., to wear prematurely due to poor lubrication, increasing the failure rate.
6. Reduced efficiency: High temperatures reduce the efficiency of hydraulic oil in transmitting energy, consuming more energy to complete the same work.

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In order to avoid these consequences, you should ensure that the cooling device of the hydraulic system operates effectively, regularly check and maintain the cleanliness and oil level of the hydraulic oil, and avoid overloading the use of hydraulic equipment in high temperature environments for a long time.