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Waste paper baler reduces waste of resources

June 23, 2021

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) pointed out that every minute, 36 football fields are cut down in forests around the world. The annual global paper output has reached 320 million tons. If 4 trees with an average age of 20 years are used as raw materials per ton of paper, 1.2 billion big trees will disappear from the earth in one year. In history, forests once covered 2/3 of the earth's land area. After entering 21, the rate of forest reduction has further accelerated. If it continues in this way, it will not take long for the tropical forests of the world to be completely destroyed.
What should we do to reduce the waste of forest resources under the normal use of paper?
Everyone knows that paper can be recycled and processed again. However, the speed of paper recycling in my country is slow, and a large amount of recycled paper is also placed in waste paper recycling stations for secondary processing.
At this time, it is recommended that the majority of waste paper recycling and processing plants can use waste paper balers to pack and compress the recycled waste paper, so as to better carry out the secondary recycling of paper, and also save space and reduce Transportation costs.

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The waste paper baler is a durable and efficient mechanical equipment for the waste paper recycling station.
NICKBALER waste paper baler has the characteristics of simple operation, wide application range, durability, safety and reliability, and high packaging efficiency.