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Waste paper baler promotes the recycling of waste paper

December 17, 2021

The shortage of the forestry industry in our country has long been a major concern for the Chinese people. Trees provide an irreplaceable role for the environment in which we live. They are a rare guardian of human beings for the purification of air pollution and the protection of the earth on which we depend. . Therefore, we have a strong dependence on trees. It takes years or even more than ten years to regenerate trees. Our life is fast-paced, and our daily needs are large. We also consume a lot of daily necessities. We have developed packages for recyclable items. For the recycling of waste paper, we have developed a waste paper baler.

The recycling of waste paper resources has the characteristics of small investment, low cost, quick results, and mature technology. It is easy to be implemented in pulp and paper mills quickly. According to our statistics, a waste paper deinking production line with a daily output of 30-50t is estimated. The investment of 3.5-4 million yuan, and the construction of a three-stage bleached chemical pulp production line of the same scale, the investment is about 12 million yuan. The emergence of waste paper balers solves this investment problem. High efficiency, reduced water and electricity consumption, and correspondingly reduced manufacturing costs, which can replace part of chemical pulp. At the same time, the scope of use of recycled waste paper products is also expanding, which is conducive to participating in market competition.

The waste paper baler plays a key role in the recycling of waste paper, saving resources and protecting the environment. For a country like our country with a shortage of paper fiber raw materials, low-cost waste paper has become an important raw material for the paper industry, and waste paper is carefully studied. The current situation of resource utilization, existing problems and solutions are a major issue facing the development of my country's paper industry.

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