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Waste fabric strip baler brings benefits to garment factories

July 1, 2021

Whether it is a large garment processing factory or a tailor shop, when making clothes, there will always be a lot of waste cloth strips. Larger waste cloth strips can also be used for smaller clothing production. Clean and tidy cloth strips can be made into head rope or Hairpin cloth, how to deal with the waste cloth strips that are not needed? Some manufacturers will directly bury or incinerate the unnecessary cloth strips, which not only wastes resources but also pollutes the atmosphere; another part of the manufacturers will waste cloth strips Compressed into blocks, convenient for secondary use, waste cloth can be made into gloves, socks, skirt laces, hair ropes and some handicrafts according to different materials and colors.
The use of a waste cloth baler can not only save resources, but also reduce air pollution and use it for secondary use. The waste cloth baler is cost-effective, simple in structure, easy to use, stable and reliable, and automated operation.
Almost all large-scale garment processing factories have a waste fabric strip baler as the last processing procedure, so that waste clothing scraps do not need to be specially taken to the waste recycling station for packaging and compression. The waste fabric strip baler is in the garment processing factory. Not only can it be used to pack clothing leftovers, but also can be used to pack finished clothing that is ready for transportation, so that it can save transportation costs, transportation volume and capital costs.

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