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Unique design of vertical baler

August 10, 2021

The emergence of vertical balers allows people to have a more convenient and easy-to-use operation when Baler waste and waste paper. The design of the equipment is also dedicated to these places.
We can see that there are two different binding lanes in the baler, which can facilitate people to operate better, and can be simpler and more efficient.
At the same time, the anti-rebound barb is specially designed in the baler, which can prevent the rebound of the material when it is packaged.
Thereby, the best compression effect can be achieved more effectively, and the compression ratio will not be affected by the rebound. This design also makes the whole baler more powerful.
The vertical baler also has a very convenient automatic pressure plate setting. The pressure plate will automatically return after each packaging is completed, without manual return, which makes people have a better experience and feeling in such use. These aspects also have more outstanding experience and effects.

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NICKBALER vertical waste paper baler has the characteristics of high working efficiency, low failure rate, strong compression force and tight bundling density.